Manufacturing/Automation Consulting

Our plant and shop floor experience makes our engineers equally valuable in the boardroom. Our analysis of optimization and process improvements can provide essential insight for managers who are evaluating competing priorities in manufacturing and industrial environments. We ensure that your organization is able to balance the trade-offs between competing priorities: spending resources effectively and gaining meaningful results.

Integration to Management Data Systems

In the new world of “Big Data,” collecting the right data and creating valuable associations between the different data points can make or break a business’s bottom line. E-Merge engineers have developed an intimate understanding of what each element of data represents and how to combine the data into a “single version of the truth” that creates a clear picture of operational metrics.

Compliance Reporting

E-Merge develops reporting tools and systems that standardize and automate the compliance reporting process. By freeing you from this recurring clerical burden, E-Merge engineers allow your operators and managers to focus on the activities that deliver results.

MES/Manufacturing IT Improvements

We understand that a truly effective manufacturing system does more than just give management visibility on the shop floor – an effective system factors in the critical variables that drive manufacturing performance. E-Merge works with Plant-level and Corporate management to leverage the deep insights that come from years of feet-on-the-shop-floor experience to configure Manufacturing IT systems to capture and track outcomes as they occur and predict variances with time to avert them, thus allowing your organization to act upon the KPI’s that drive success. Smart manufacturing solutions radically improve quality and reduce waste.

Manufacturing Performance

The E-Merge engineers develop systems that allow you to understand your plant performance down to an actionable level. Knowing which variable is actually making a difference – whether it’s a particular asset or even a whole shift – empowers you to yield better results.

  • Product Quality: By implementing systems that track product quality with an emphasis on process accountability, your company will reduce scrap, minimize waste, and reduce rework.
  • Efficiency Improvement: E-Merge engineers give companies the historical data, root-cause analyses, and performance results to determine which variables – whether downtime, waste, or overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – are reducing efficiency.
  • Production Consistency: Striving for improved quality is not always enough. In manufacturing, producing a consistent product can be just as important – or even more important – to the end customer. E-Merge engineers give your company the tools to maintain the consistency your clients demand.
  • Batch Tracking: Pulling disparate data into focus allows your business to drive results and avoid costly events. E-Merge engineers offer powerful systems that track process data, inventory status, material inputs, lot/serial numbers, and product data – all essential for batch analysis and traceability.