Integration & Automation

As a preeminent industrial automation solutions provider, E-Merge has a track record of delivering continuous improvements to client processes and optimizing system performance through innovative engineering with numerous integration disciplines in a variety of industrial and non-industrial applications. We approach the provider-client relationship as a partnership, which allows our engineers to design solutions that are cost-effective and yet also allow them to provide effective support for the entire life-cycle of your system. Our depth of experience in specifying, designing, and implementing industrial automation systems for a wide variety of industries enables us to provide leadership and technical support for all phases of your project – from conception through startup.

Highlights of the E-Merge approach:

  • Partner with clients to provide the optimum design
  • Provide strong project management to stay on schedule and within budget
  • Offer open architecture solutions that allow for the addition of industrial networks, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Historians, and MES solutions that dovetail together with corporate ERP systems – providing plant floor-to-boardroom visibility of manufacturing KPIs
  • Develop robust automation solutions for our customers

Integration and automation applications include:

  • Material handling: conveyors, pick and place, bottling and case packaging
  • Blending/mixing: tobacco, textiles and ink
  • Corrugation/printing/registration
  • Extrusion: plastic and aluminum
  • Water/wastewater: semiconductors, chemicals, food and beverage processing, municipal water, and wastewater
  • Web handling: film (plastic and metal) and paper
  • Wire: coating, twisting, and winding

Systems Integration

Our primary strength is providing complete solutions or systems that involve:

  • Evaluating/documenting of complex processes: identifying customer requirements
  • Providing proposals appropriate to the requirements
  • Implementing systems involving the following technologies:
    • SCADA/HMI/MES systems
    • DCS/PLC-based distributed process controls
    • Field devices, sensors, and instrumentation
    • Industrial networking to connect shop floor PLCs with SCADA workstations
    • Bridging process networks with business networks
    • Telemetry over radio, leased lines, CDMA/GSM, and POTs
  • Providing thorough and detailed documentation
  • Training personnel not only to operate the system effectively, but also to troubleshoot any problems in a systematic manner
  • Providing post-installation system quality assurance and support as necessary

By partnering with our clients during the early phases of the project, E-Merge identifies the functionality required by the system. We then design our systems not only to control individual processes or sub-systems, but also to ensure that these various sub- systems work in harmony with one another – in other words, are well integrated. We choose technologies that are appropriate for the application and in keeping with the technological objectives of the client.

Controls & Instrumentation Systems Engineering

E-Merge Systems, Inc. controls and instrumentation (C&I) services include:

  • Design engineering
    • Develop C&I system architecture, hardware, software, and applications
    • Develop P&IDs
    • Design Process Control Logic
    • Develop detailed specifications and drawings
    • Estimate construction costs
    • Develop procedures for Maintenance of Plant Operations (MOPO) during construction
  • Construction and startup
    • Field inspections of C&I and electrical work
    • Factory tests, calibrations, and loop checkout
    • DCS/PLC programming/configuration testing
    • Multimedia electronic O&M manuals
    • Preparation of standard operating procedures
    • As-built documentation
    • Training
  • Commissioning
    • Develop procedures for system startup
    • Troubleshoot Control Logic
    • Fine tune C&I loops
    • Interface with plant operations, system availability and acceptance testing

Process Automation

At the core of E-Merge’s strength is our “process control” expertise. We can go into any chemical, pharma/biotech or water/wastewater facility; figure out the processes and document them; develop P&IDs, Functional Description Specification (FDS), and control strategies; and come up with an appropriate solution to meet or exceed client requirements. If these requirements include quality and safety, our solutions address these needs. At E-Merge, we take pride in our attention to detail. Our control solutions also include batching and recipe management for industries with precise measurement requirements and when precisely repeatable functionality is crucial.

E-Merge engineers are experienced with process industry standards, and by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we deliver solutions that provide your company with unlimited options for system growth.

Machine Automation

  • Full-scale electrical design and automation of Material Handling Systems
  • Electrical design and automation of high-precision cutting systems
  • Experienced in all levels of automation in machine environments, including full development, enhancements, and remediation of existing systems

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Design of controls and electrical panels as well as electrical installations
  • Building electrical panels, including management of controls and electrical installations
  • Familiar with NEC, UL and IEEE standards