The roles within E-Merge offer a clear path to an engineer’s development. Each level in the organization offers the opportunity to increase in skills and responsibility with commensurate rewards and compensation. The roles at E-Merge include:


At this level the engineer is responsible for rapidly developing the basic skills necessary to become a productive Controls Engineer.


This is the core level for E-Merge engineers. At this level the engineer is responsible for executing controls and automation engineering across a broad range of technologies and industries.


Our technicians provide field support to clients and serve as a resource to our engineering team. Some are new graduates who aspire to move into the Controls Engineer role; others might prefer to focus more on implementation than design. As a small business, we have the flexibility to help our team members achieve their aspirations, while providing superior customer service throughout their careers.


Engineers that have developed strong engineering skills and have shown an ability to manage and mentor other team members, as well as maintain and develop business relationships with our clients can be considered for the Project Manager role. This role is only filled from within the E-Merge engineering team.