A large Consumer Products corporation reaps accurate data on their cosmetic product line


A large Fortune 500 consumer products company needed more accurate data collection on a cosmetic bottling line at one of their manufacturing facilities in Maryland.

Unique Challenges

For the way the GE Proficy Historian was configured and the production line was installed, the customer’s bottom line calculations didn’t match actual production counts, even when factoring recorded downtimes into account.


E-Merge Systems walked the line, defined what would constitute downtime on each machine, analyzed product loss points (including human causes), and programmed better ways to keep track of downtimes. E-Merge designed and implemented a PLC logic-based platform to monitor and tag all fault causes for Proficy to collect and analyze with production rate-to-calculate rate loss.


The enhanced system from E-Merge resulted in a production rate loss calculation error of less than 2%. This percentage was improved from the previous numbers in the double digits. The new data provided to management was so useful that the customer requested similar services on 5 additional production lines at the facility.